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All About OP

Obsessed with happily-ever-after, I fell in love with the promise of happy endings found in the lovely pages of romance novels. I really did write my first romance when I was eight--the "hook" was that there were these random tiny notes tied to various rose stems scattered throughout the hero's garden. The work of a lovesick gardener? Perhaps. A poetic stalker? Maybe. And just who had time to tie all those letters? The world will never know because apparently I didn't either. Note: Book number one still unfinished.
I do try to answer all my emails and I apologize if I've accidentally skipped over anyone. : ) You can try to reach me via my facebook page--though I should worn you I'm a bit of a recluse and facebook continiously scares confuses  me.
Right now, I'm working on several projects (including a book for Tristan) and battling some health issues.
Happy reading!
Olivia Parker